All the data. One platform.

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 Easy to Implement
Patient data is ready to go from day 1.
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Easy to Use
Review it. Click it. Bill it. Get on with it.
  Easy to Prioritize
Auto-Triage™ flags actionable patients with precision.


Data That Makes a Difference
All data in one place + your customized parameters.


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Streamline Ambulatory Cardiac Care
Your entire ambulatory workflow in one simplified platform.


Easy to Implement

With PaceMateLIVE all your patient's data is live from day one, with no data entry at onboarding.


And with our exclusive real-time EHR integration, all your patient's cardiac data is always current – no stale info ever.


Flip the switch and you’re on.  
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Easy to Use

All discrete device data: PaceMateLIVE uploads all data on day one–even serial numbers.


Billing is automated with PaceMateLIVE and data moves directly into the EHR once the report is signed.


No more back and forth between systems. We streamline healthcare providers workflows from 150 clicks to a single, efficient click.


Review it. Click it. Bill it. Get on with it.

Easy to Prioritize

Customize alert parameters according to your clinic’s preferences.

Enhance generic device alerts with real-time EHR data.

Identify the most vulnerable, actionable patients immediately.
Helping you prioritize the urgent.  
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Data That Makes a Difference

With the industry’s only complete research-grade data set, PaceMate aggregates cardiac data for your 
customized needs.


Your customized parameters - all data is viewable in one place. 
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Ambulatory Data Simplified

Automated ordering, improved workflows, and insurance denials eliminated.


The ambulatory workflow can be burdensome and time-consuming without the right tools. Transform your workflow so you can focus on what truly matters, patient care.
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